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What is Tausi?

Tausi is an intelligent credit-risk scoring engine that quantifies the creditworthiness of a consumer through formal and informal data to a consistent scoring system.

Why Credit Score Consumers?

Credit is a simple but radical idea that consists of two parties; the creditor and the debtor. Correctly matching these two parties have been the biggest engine of economies and has mostly been done through financial institutions. As the risk associated with giving credit becomes unknown to most financial institutions, the process becomes longer and access to finance becomes limited especially to the informal sector.


By definition, credit scoring is a risk management tool used by financial institutions and lenders to assess the credit risk it is exposed to when making credit decisions, monitoring and management. Therefore to have a financially inclusive society, innovative ways have to be used to make consistent choices of the credit decisions of individuals. And therefore, the Tausi product service can be used by financial institutions and lenders for credit decision making.

Tausi Scoring System

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How it Works?

Tausi is a product service that uses advanced data analytics to deliver a tailored customer credit risk scoring for financial institutions and lenders. This service can be accessed from APA in the four following steps:

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