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Data Scientist


Ndabuye Gideon is a passionate software engineer with a strong interest in the cutting-edge technologies of the fourth industrial revolution. With his diverse background in software development and AI integrations, he has developed a keen interest in data science and analytics, particularly in the areas of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and big data technologies.

Ndabuye is an accomplished expert, having received numerous national and international awards and accolades in the technology sector. He has contributed to various projects, spanning from software development to AI integrations, which have addressed critical issues in Africa. Through his work, Ndabuye has gained a distinctive outlook on the opportunities and challenges existing in the African market.

As a data science and analytics expert, Ndabuye is skilled in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting complex data sets to provide actionable insights to his clients. He has a strong analytical mind and is adept at using a range of tools and techniques to extract meaningful insights from large and complex data sets.

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