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Rwebu Mutahaba

Senior Consultant


Rwebu is a Business Development professional with over 15 years of experience in business analytics,  mobile money, digital financial services and project management. He has significant experience that cuts across multiple functions.


He has unparalleled expertise and experience in digital innovation having designed and implemented product concept notes for some of today's leading revenue-generating products and services across mobile and digital finance segments. In the recent past, he has worked with top tier companies in social enterprise, mobile money, digital financial services and as a business analyst. 


Rwebu’s competencies are in business strategy development, analytics, operations, sales and distribution as well as digital marketing strategies. He is passionate about scaling financial inclusion through the application of technology and the commitment of the current generation which has the power to drive much needed economic and social transformation. He believes that by rallying key stakeholder support,  primarily disenfranchised communities in both rural and urban areas will not be left behind the 21st Century digital economy.

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