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Financial Services

AfroPavo Analytics is a consulting firm that specializes in helping financial service providers in Africa to improve their operations and products through data and technology. We have a team of experts with deep industry and technical expertise who understand the underlying market insights, customer needs and competitive dynamics.

In the financial services industry, we have worked with a variety of clients to provide solutions that are tailored to their specific needs. One of the key areas of our practice is credit risk management, where we have helped clients to improve their risk management practices through the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence. For example, we have worked with a financial service provider to reduce their default rate by 30% by using our subsidiary company Tausi, which specializes in AI and machine learning for credit risk management.

We have also helped clients in the financial services industry to better understand their customers and market through market research and analysis. For example, we have conducted a market research study for financial service providers on informal savings group practice which helped them understand the market and identify key insights that would inform the product development and launch.

In addition, we have also assisted financial service providers with product development and launch, such as consulting on business analysis of a product for Financial Institutions and assist with go to market planning, and product strategy.

Overall, AfroPavo Analytics has a strong track record of providing valuable solutions to financial service providers in Africa, through our expertise in data and technology, and our deep understanding of the industry and market. Our solutions have helped clients to improve their operations, reduce risk, and better serve their customers.

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