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At AfroPavo Analytics, we are a full-service consulting firm that specializes in a wide range of capabilities to help our clients drive digital transformation and achieve their business objectives. Our team of industry experts, data scientists, engineers, and analysts has deep expertise in these areas and we are dedicated to solving our clients' toughest challenges with the fastest time-to-value.

Data Processing

We offer data and tech-based solutions for various industries, with a focus on AI and ML. Successful case studies include improving crop yields and reducing costs in agriculture, and credit risk management in financial services. Solutions include digital product design, advanced data analytics, and AI in technology and telecommunications.

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We specialize in blockchain consulting to help businesses improve operations and gain a competitive edge. We design and implement tailored solutions using blockchain technology, and have a track record of delivering successful projects that increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve transparency and security.

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We offer comprehensive risk management services, utilizing data analytics, machine learning, and AI to optimize credit risk and improve performance in industries such as insurance. Our subsidiary Tausi specializes in reducing default rates by 30% through credit risk management. We work closely with clients to design tailor-made solutions that align with industry best practices and regulations.

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We provide energy consulting services to help businesses achieve sustainable growth in the energy sector. Specializing in forecasting, feasibility studies, sustainable solutions for climate change and past projects in clean energy adoption and sustainable energy mix strategies. Our data-driven approach helps clients improve performance in the energy sector.

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We use data and technology to help businesses improve performance, reduce costs, and increase revenue. We offer a range of services including data analysis, market research, product development, and performance optimization. Our team of experts works closely with clients to design and implement tailor-made solutions.

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We offer consulting services to optimize business operations, achieve organizational goals by using a data-driven approach to identify areas of improvement and implement customized solutions. Our team provides change management support to ensure smooth implementation of new strategies for sustainable growth.

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We specialize in providing innovation and product strategy consulting services to businesses across various industries. Our team uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify new opportunities and develop innovative products and services to help clients optimize performance and stay ahead of the competition.

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Our services help our clients, in identifying and evaluating feasible investment opportunities across sectors. Our team of experts conduct business due diligence, market research, and financial analysis to provide comprehensive understanding of potential risks and returns. We tailor our services to each client's unique needs and goals, helping them make strategic investment decisions.

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