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AfroPavo Analytics is a management consultancy firm that specializes in building human-centered solutions with data and technology in the agricultural industry. Our team of experts has deep expertise in data and analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, which we use to help agricultural businesses optimize crop yields, reduce costs, and improve the overall efficiency of the agricultural value chain.

We have worked on several projects in the agriculture industry, including:

  • Reviewing our clients' digital practices of their farming methods and finding ways to better collect and analyze data on their farmers, which resulted in a 15% increase in crop yields and a 10% reduction in costs.

  • Building a communication channel between farmers and other ecosystem stakeholders, which helped in increasing communication and information flow between the stakeholders and improved decision making on the farm.

  • Developing an ecosystem called E-Finance that connects farmers, co-operative unions, financial service providers, government organizations, vendors, and off-takers, to provide working capital to farmers, which uses advanced analytics and machine learning to assess the creditworthiness of farmers and make lending decisions in real-time and then provide access to credit for thousands of farmers who were previously unbanked and improve the overall efficiency of the agricultural value chain.

  • Conducting a survey and interviews with agro-shop dealers using a digital reporting tool on the customer adoption of a product which helped the client understand customer needs and preferences and make data-driven decisions about their product offerings.

Our clients can count on us to provide innovative and comprehensive solutions that drive digital transformation and achieve business objectives. We are committed to using our expertise in data and technology to help clients in the agricultural industry succeed.

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