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Anthony Mipawa

AI & Machine Learning Engineer

Anthony Mipawa's Headshot.jpg

Anthony Mipawa is a software engineer with a strong focus on AI & machine learning. He has a proven track record of designing and implementing efficient and scalable solutions for businesses, helping them overcome complex challenges and achieve their goals.

With his diverse experience, Anthony is well-versed in framing business challenges, collecting and analyzing data, designing and developing risk models systems, and revamping business processes to provide compelling value to his clients. He has worked with a range of organisations, from startups to big corporate companies, across various industries in finance and technology.

Anthony's expertise lies in his ability to leverage cutting-edge technologies to drive business results. He has a deep understanding of machine learning algorithms, data analysis techniques, and software development frameworks, which allows him to provide customised solutions that fit his clients' unique needs.

Overall, Anthony is a dedicated software engineer who is passionate about using his expertise in machine learning and data science to drive business growth. If you're looking for a skilled professional who can help you solve complex challenges with scalable and efficient solutions, Anthony is the engineer for you.

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