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Sophia Mwinyi

Financial Technology Consultant


Sophie is a FinTech expert completing her Masters in Data Science with a specialization in Financial Technology at the University of Cape Town. She also holds a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in Economics and Finance (obtained with a distinction in Economics) and a BCom (Honours) in Finance both from the aforementioned university. Sophie has experience working on end-to-end data science projects from Problem Scoping, Data Gathering, Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), Data Visualization and Machine Learning Modelling.


Prior to pursuing her graduate studies, Sophie also worked for a multinational consulting firm where she was involved in various assignments and gained valuable experience in IT systems audit, forensic investigations and dispute advisory, corporate intelligence, fraud risk management and anti-money laundering reviews, efficiency audit of development projects, procurement and expenditure reviews, value for money audits, and data analytics for various public and private sector clients across various industries in East Africa.


Sophie is passionate about technological innovation, digital transformation, big data, data and fraud analytics, innovative finance and impact investing, and their use towards achieving positive social and economic outcomes. Sophie is always curious to learn and wants to grow to become a socially responsible leader in Africa where she would have an opportunity to  inspire and empower young women in STEM.

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