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Shaping the Future of East Africa's Financial Industry

Background: A Fintech company was looking to expand its services to the East Africa region, and needed help to identify the opportunities and create a product that fits the market. The company reached out to AfroPavo Analytics for help with the business analysis and development of the product.

Solution: AfroPavo Analytics worked closely with the Fintech company and Financial Institutions in Tanzania and Kenya to understand their business objectives, target market, and the needs of their customers. We conducted market research and analysis to identify gaps in the market and opportunities for the Fintech company to differentiate itself.

Based on the research and analysis, We worked closely with the company's tech teams to scope out the feature requirements and architecture to be used for the product development.

Results: As a result of our business analysis efforts, the Fintech company was able to launch a new technology product in East Africa that met the needs of Financial Institutions and their customers. The company was able to attract more customers and improve its services.


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