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Understanding Your Customers: A Case Study of Adoption and Product Improvement

Background: A client was launching a new product and wanted to understand customer adoption and identify areas for improvement. They reached out to AfroPavo Analytics for help.

Solution: AfroPavo Analytics conducted a survey and interviews with the target market using a digital reporting tool. The survey collected data on customer demographics, needs and preferences, and adoption of the new product. We used advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to analyze the data and identify patterns and trends.

Based on the survey results, we provided recommendations to the client on how to improve their product and service offerings. This included changes to the product itself and proposed using existing communication channels such as WhatsApp to provide the service. The approach was to leverage the existing norms that are useful to the market, rather than competing with them.

Results: As a result of implementing our recommendations, the client was able to improve their product and service offerings, which led to an increase in customer adoption and satisfaction. The use of existing communication channels also helped to reduce costs and increase efficiency in providing the service to customers.


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